Bye Bye Glitter for 2014

By | December 24, 2014

So, our Elf On The Shelf – Glitter – has left us and flown back to the North Pole to help Father Christmas.

D will miss her, she (and Hubbie) have really enjoyed finding her every day and D really proved she understood it all by telling her Auntie all about why Glitter was here and why she (Glitter) mustn’t be touched.

Yesterday Glitter reminded us that Christmas wasn’t very far away:


And today, much to D’s relief, Glitter ended up in the top of her stocking, clutching D’s letter to Father Christmas. D, despite reminders, had left her letter very later to write.


There have been some really quite strange places that Glitter has landed this year; some D has liked and some she’s disliked (Glitter stuck in a cracker concerned her). But, it’s been fun and it helped with all the excitement and build up that D has been enjoying.

T has also done very well in not jeopardising the “magic” for D, he’s been very tempted, in his matter-of-fact way to tell her the truth (and about FC himself, aaarrgh!) but has kept quiet – mostly, a few mutters aside. Well done him!

Merry Christmas Jx

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