A Game – Tues 30th Dec 2014

By | December 30, 2014

Board games are a bit hit and miss in our house.

Any attempts by Hubbie or I to initiate one can either be ignored or emotions are such that it doesn’t last much beyond the first round or so of “turns”. Turn-taking has always been an issue for D and, although she has improved, it’s not assisted by T chivying her along and adding in his opinions. T has such an uber-competitive streak too, that this can override any enjoyment of what should be family fun time.

Today, T wanted a game of Monopoly, his suggestion heartily welcomed by Hubbie and I. He choose the game (Olympic version) and happily set it all up.

For a while it went really well, T likes to get all the high value properties (what would be the Regent Street, Mayfair etc) and as we’d already agreed no-one would be adding houses (or stadiums) it was good-natured.

Ultimately though, T was quite happy to take rent for his band of investments and build up his money pile, but not when it came to his paying out, or heading to Jail. He’d quite simply used up his emotional allocation of “team play” and got very crotchety. The game kind of reached a natural break and he headed back to the sanctuary of his headphones.

While it lasted though, it was nice. Nice that he initiated it and enjoyed it (whilst he was in front anyway).

D was happy to watch, she didn’t want to join in today but maybe she will next time. I hope so, it does help her to practise her addition – with the dice throwing and counting of squares – and appreciate that not everyone can win all the time.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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