Teleporting – Sat 29th Nov 2014

By | November 29, 2014

D wished tele-porters were around today. She’s done a lot of walking, coped with a major amount of things being done differently and I’m a tad (no, more than a tad) proud of her.

We headed off to a birthday party for one of her classmates, where she’d had her party so she knew location etc. What made the first of many changes was that we took the train and then walked, judging by the step amount it was probably the same amount as a double school run, but obviously all at once and without a buggy.

She had a bit of a moan, she wished we could teleport there and then she said “that’s why cars were invented, so people could get there quicker”. Incidentally she loved the huge moustache stickers on the front and rear of the train, absolutely loved them!

Then we got there, it was noisy and busy (as we were early) but she was off, running into the masses to get to the big slide that she likes coming down so much.

She’s in there, somewhere..


Coming back occasionally when it all got a bit much and she needed a cuddle and some chill-time:


And then her friends arrived, all SN who have all been to the soft play place before, all relaxed in their own way.

There were giggles and laughter, D took photos of her friends (with their agreement) and ElfYourself-ed them. All very good fun.

The birthday boy made his wish, blew out his candles and then told us all. It went really well.

And we’ve got back late, it’s all been a bit out of routine today, but she’s coped very well.

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