Reflection – Sat 8th Nov 2014

By | November 8, 2014

There has been an extremely poignant drama showing the last 5 nights on BBC1, The Passing Bells, told through the eyes of two soldiers (one English, one German), who both defied their parents wishes and signed up to fight in WW1.

It’s been shown in a 7pm slot and we haven’t been watching it at the time (it’s b a t h etc then) but generally the next day.

I did wonder if it was going to be appropriate to watch with D but, bearing in mind she’s always got one eye on something else and the fact that we’ve talked about the significance of poppies at home, as they have at school, I thought it would be okay.

I’m glad we did. The pre-watershed scenes and storylines were such that she showed an interest when there were shots of a character’s baby son and scenes where a character’s love of sketching came through – it not only reminded him of times pre war but it was obvious to D watching that it gave him a sense of calm too – but she kind of zoned out during any battle scenes.

The ending of the story was inevitable, sadly and the closing scenes very powerful.

It’s given a further chance to explain to D why she’s been wearing a poppy and why so many others have too. 100 years ago is a long time ago for anyone to contemplate, especially a child, but it’s so important that those sacrifices made by those young men for our freedom are never forgotten.


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