Reassurance – Weds 12th Nov 2014

By | November 12, 2014

Unfortunately yesterday’s anxieties continued for D this morning. We have definitely made the right decision to cease her involvement in the basketball after school club if the anxieties are going to start again the day after, yes, six days before the next one!

Poor D, however much we get told that she’s doing so well (and she is, she has progressed so much in terms of confidence), something like this (where she hasn’t necessarily got the confidence to say “no, I don’t want to do it”) can set her right back.

But, once she had that reassurance that she wouldn’t be going anymore, she was a much happier D, in fact her and T have had a very smiley, happy sibling time after school, the first one in ages that I can remember that one hadn’t upset the other, whether intentionally or otherwise.

T had had a good day, he positively bounced towards us when he got off his school coach, he’d had a food tech lesson and really enjoyed it, the finished product was quite tasty too.

I had a nice moment whilst they were at school, a lady came up to me who I didn’t know at all and said “you don’t know me, but I’ve seen you with your daughter as I live on xxxx (school run route) and I wanted to tell you that you’re a wonderful mum”. Wasn’t that nice? In conversation, she has a SN nephew who’s now grown up and she said she always goes out of her way to tell SN mums how wonderful they are. A lovely little boost.

One that made T laugh when I told him as he said he’ll remind me about that when I “next nag him about homework!”

It’s always nice to be appreciated, especially if you’re not expecting it and may not be feeling particularly wonderful at the time.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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