Nurse Bunny – Weds 5th Nov 2014

By | November 5, 2014

I’ve been a bit honoured today, Bunny – who D doesn’t normally let out of her sight, or grasp – has been “Nurse Bunny”, to both of us.

As with so many aspects around life with autism, an issue escalated overnight and this morning.

D managed to bruise her finger in PE yesterday and then toodled off to after school Basketball because a) she hadn’t said she didn’t want to do the club to staff and b) I didn’t know about the bruising because it had been checked over at the time and all seemed fine.

When I asked D later why she hadn’t said it was hurting, she said “because I had to go” (to after school club). This is where she would find a mainstream environment very difficult (apart from everything else), her inability to express her feelings when they arise and her lack of confidence to say that she didn’t want to do the activity. Needless to say, the repercussions were felt last night and this morning, which is why she’s been at home with me today and Nurse Bunny has looked after both of us.


Hopefully afore-mentioned finger will be back at school, along with the rest of D (and Bunny!) tomorrow.

One of the things that D said as a contribution to her statement review meeting, was that she wanted to improve her Maths, in particular division and that she was good at subtraction. She’s never been keen on maths at home so I thought we’d have a little go, she managed 6-4, 60-10 and other fairly simple ones but ask her to do 22-11 and she couldn’t. Similarly divisions were a complete no-go. Whether it’s the home environment (but I did try to make it fun with absolutely no pressure) but that’s hardly a year 6 mainstream standard is it? Another reason for her to stay exactly where she is, please (not that I usually compare, each SN child is individual after all).

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx

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