New experiences with Angel Delight #AngelDelightMoments

By | November 7, 2014

Who remembers Angel Delight? Those packets in the cupboard that could be transformed into a pudding in a matter of moments, with the aid of a whisk and some milk.

They are a definite childhood memory, with (I think it was) three flavours – Butterscotch (didn’t like that one), Strawberry and Chocolate. I remember the Strawberry one had an overriding powder taste but, thinking about it, that may have been because it wasn’t whisked correctly. I have memories of it being done with a fork, as opposed to a whisk.

Anyway, Angel Delight have brought the instant pudding back up to date with a new flavour…..Bubblegum!

BritMums sent us a couple of packets, together with a very funky straw and a sundae dish, the idea being that we’d try it out in the traditional way (pudding) and also have an experiment.

Firstly we tried it as a dessert, but with a difference. I made it look (hopefully) a bit like a cheesecake by mixing some margarine with some crushed cookie biscuits, allowing them to set and then mixing and pouring the Angel Delight over the top. I thought it looked quite good and T was quite impressed too.



But, however something looks, it’s also all about how it tastes.

There was a definite smell of bubblegum when the packet was first opened (sort of a hubbabubba smell, note: other chewing gums are also available) and I did wonder how it would taste. Would there be that taste after gum had been chewed for a while or would the taste be fresh?

I needn’t have worried, it tasted a bit like strawberries.

T’s and Mr Bluecrisps thoughts:

“Mm, yummy, tastes of strawberry”

With our next packet, I wanted to try something different, there was a recipe on the side of the packet for a milkshake (guess this is where the straw comes in!). There wasn’t time to take a picture before it was whisked away and consumed!

Overall it was a thumbs up from us. For those parents who are old enough to remember Angel Delight, it’s got better!

For those new to the concept, I think it’s a quick and easy way of getting some additional milk, calcium and vitamins into children, especially those who might not like milk in its natural format.

(That would have been me. I was put off milk for years after drinking some milk at primary school that was just going off (and being told I had to drink it because it was good for me). Which is true usually but the fact I didn’t touch milk in the form of drinks for years after that, including puberty which is when it probably would have been beneficial, kind of outweighed any “advice” that the teacher was trying to suggest.

Anyway, that’s all in the past now and I’ll happily have milk in cereal and in a mocha – yay! – but I’m still not keen on milk on its own.)

Additionally, the different flavours and therefore colours available will make it appealing to children and I guess it could always be put into the freezer for half an hour or so for a soft ice cream type texture.

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