Merging – Sun 9th Nov 2014

By | November 9, 2014

It’s not often that real life and Minecraft merge for D. She’s usually happy to make her creations, fill areas with flowers and all happy things and collect treasure, lots of it.

She’s comfortable to play as a variation of “Steve” albeit with diamond armour and Bunny or any of her other toys or characters never feature.

Today she wanted to add a new element to one of her worlds and call it (her suggestion) “Remembrance”, asking for assistance with spelling.

And this is what she put in there, to “remember the soldiers”:

I thought it was lovely and completely her own idea, no prompts or suggestions.

It being a Sunday, homework has played its part, it might be my imagination but T seemed to get through it quicker today, either the volume is lessening as they start to go into their “sets” for lessons or maybe T is finding it all a bit too easy? Time will tell, I guess.

D had a bit of homework too, News. She decided that she wasn’t going to write down that we’d watched programmes about The Passing Bells because there is a child in her class already absolutely fixated with all talk of war (they have been for years), it must make lessons difficult and D didn’t want to provide any additional prompts, bless her.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx

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