It’s a bit early.. Sat 22nd Nov 2014

By | November 22, 2014

“It’s a bit early to think about it yet”….that’s what D said this afternoon when she was asked by Father Christmas at the school fair what she’d like for Christmas and whether she’d written her Christmas list yet.

(Oh to be ten years old and not have to think food, presents, wrapping paper, cards, stamps, etc.)

She did extremely well at the fair, walking there and back through slippery mud and enjoyed looking at all the stalls and having a go on the tombola and a “throw a snowball through a snowman” game, involving pom-poms and a cardboard cutout, she managed 4/5 and got to choose a prize.

We didn’t see the Frozen characters, whether we’d missed them I’m not sure, but D was very excited by everything else and didn’t seem to really miss them. She enjoyed seeing her classmates and teachers out of school hours too, as she said when we walked up “it feels strange, going to school on a Saturday”.

A successful day for her.

T’s wasn’t so. A loss at football this morning, coupled with a distinct lack of team play from some members of his team made for a subdued T mid morning, a win at the match he watched this afternoon will have gone some way to helping.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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