Alternatives – Thurs 13th Nov 2014

By | November 13, 2014

Just when I thought the anxieties for D were over with for the week, today has brought another one, or two.

Tomorrow (Friday), the school will be having a “dress as a superhero” day for Children In Need, much like many other schools. It’s a great way to raise money and for the children to have a bit of fun too. T’s school is opting for a non-uniform day with donations.

D’s anxieties have arisen from the fact that she doesn’t really do dress-up (unless it’s pink and sparkly) and she doesn’t know of any female superheroes. Yes, there’s wonder woman, cat woman and bat girl (off the top of my head) but because super heroes have never featured in her radar, she’s unaware and unsure. It’s a lot easier for boys, isn’t it, with Spider-Man, Super Man, Bat Man etc and I think that’s what her teacher has told her today. D zoomed off very pale and unhappy once she was down the stairs this afternoon and we all had a chat reiterating that she could wear an alternative.

So, we’ve compromised. If she wants to, she’s wearing her lovely pink cat onesie. If she wants to. But obviously she’ll still take money in because, like with the basketball issue this week, she has to enjoy her day, doesn’t she?

It’s a shame that those anxieties have dominated her day again, because once we’d chatted it out at home, she was happier, she sang a few songs they’d sung in Music and she was a different child. One that wasn’t overtaken by anxieties.

T, by contrast, is very happy with the non-uniform day tomorrow, a day off from his school tie is always welcomed and on a Friday too!

Life is never ever dull with T and D.


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