A Little Bit Sad – Sun 2nd Nov 2014

By | November 2, 2014

Back to school for T and D tomorrow and the run-up to Christmas will start.

With T, there’s the added bonus of his birthday this week, his first birthday within secondary school.

But we’re all a little bit sad. One of the family pets died today. In the grand scheme of the universe, it’s not a biggie but within the Bluecrisps family, it is.

We haven’t told D yet, I won’t until after T’s birthday. She likes to know facts as they are and doesn’t really “do” the emotional side at times. It wouldn’t really help if she didn’t understand and T got frustrated because she didn’t, believe me.

So, George Piggie, you’ve headed off to pastures new, you’ll like that as long as there’s fresh grass on tap, sugar snap peas, grapes and cherry tomatoes. You’ll sulk if there’s only carrots and celery.

You were the “dark shadow”, your rear was as dark as your head so sometimes we weren’t sure which end was facing us.

You were best at escaping under the trampoline with your brother, egging each other on with little chirping noises.

You liked having your head stroked and “doing noses”, you were a good squeaker every time someone walked into the kitchen, your little brothers will miss you and so will we.


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