Water! Mon 6th Oct 2014

By | October 6, 2014

Water has had an impact on the Bluecrisps family in a couple of ways today, one more serious than the other.

We woke up to a water leak in the house this morning. Thankfully not a water gushing through ceilings leak, but one that was containable. However it meant that the basin was out of action in the bathroom and that had impacts on the morning routine. Despite telling D the alternatives and explaining why, she still got extremely panicky when it came to implementing those alternatives. It’s that sudden change impact, isn’t it? That change that an NT child might brush off and accept immediately, laugh about even, not so for D.

Fortunately we have Home Care cover and because of T and D, we were classed as a “priority 2”, I guess “priority 1” being a gushing everywhere situation. I found out after the engineer had been that I could have called him out at 6.10am but can you imagine the anxieties that would bring? With a stranger in the house when they were waking up. Far better to wait until a bit later and get it sorted before they got home from school.

Speaking of school, water impacted that too. T had his first walk to the school coach in the rain, which made him very unenthusiastic. Similarly D and I had a wet school run (walk), D upset because the umbrella meant we couldn’t cuddle randomly – as she likes to do for security when people are nearby and that it impacted her ability to carry (and read) her Minecraft strategy book, which is becoming as much of a constant companion as Bunny.

It was the same scenario this afternoon too, a wet wait for T’s coach and then a wet walk home.

But at least they came home to a fixed basin.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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