The singing is back! Weds 8th Oct 2014

By | October 8, 2014

As I’m writing this, D is singing in her room. It’s lovely, it’s something that only when it happens you realise hasn’t been heard for a few days. She’s happy.

It didn’t start that way this morning, with both confusion from T and D.

T because his school was finishing at 1pm today, to prepare for an Open Evening. Is it really a year ago that we went to that school and made up our minds it was the best environment for him? Scary how quickly time flies and just how much has happened since then.

Anyway, the change confused and concerned him. He’d been told that he’d still have the same timetable, but lessons would be shorter. His mathematical brain went into overtime as he tried to work out just how long each lesson would last, would there still be tutor group, would he have time to have lunch (the answer to the latter was no).

And then the school bus, was it leaving at 1pm? Thankfully I’d thought ahead (as you have to do with T) and asked the school, yes was the answer.

So, off he went, still thinking about his potential timings but happy that we’d be meeting in the coffee shop before collecting D (who was coming out at usual time).

All these questions had then worried D. Who had obviously remembered going to Open Evenings last year (for T) and not enjoying them. Shen got incredibly anxious that we’d all be going off to more and that if she didn’t want to go, she’d be left behind (umm, no). Also that she’d be going to secondary school in mainstream, when she knows that she’ll be staying in her SN school right the way through. But, amidst all this anxiety, there was a gratefulness on my part that she was talking about it, albeit after getting worried.

But, as I said, the singing is back tonight and that is primarily because her nose is now not so tender to the tough – although the bruising is still obvious if you know it’s there – and someone has kindly lent us an iPad until hers is either fixed or replaced. Slight ructions though because it’s a full size and T was instantly annoyed that his is smaller (being a Mini, as is D’s) but that’s life in our house, highs and lows. I’m just glad that, although today didn’t start well, it’s ending a lot better.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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