That time again! Tues 14th Oct 2014

By | October 14, 2014

The weeks are whizzing by far too quickly, it doesn’t seem like 4 weeks ago that D had her last injection, but it was.

Time for another one this morning.

Poor D, we do all the preparation at home, applying the numbing cream and reminding her that it’s best if it’s administered quickly. She’ll agree and then go to pieces with nerves literally a minute before it’s injected. Twisting and flailing, trying to run away, I hate having to hold her down but there is only a small amount of time after it’s been prepared before the contents start to solidify.

And then the aftermath.

A D who dislikes the nurse and dislikes me even more. Cuddles (which she normally loves and craves) are not welcomed, it takes a good while to “come back” (as it were) and it’s a very fragile D I have to then take to class (and I do take her all the way to class after an injection, naughty me).

It never feels good walking away but it’s best for D that she goes straight back into the routine of the day, despite however I may feel about it. It never stops me worrying though.

And I didn’t need to. D told her teacher that she’d “had an awesome day”, even if it didn’t start terribly well. D is always very much in the “here and now”, our best and worst bits round robin on a Friday makes that very evident.

T never talks much about his day, I guess it’s too full-on and he just wants to wind down when he gets home. That’s a positive though, he wasn’t happy in his last year of primary school for various reasons and would always meet D and I extremely agitated, wanting to offload and vent his frustrations.

Me? I’m tempted to wear a shower cap on the school run (walks) tomorrow, it needs to stop raining!

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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