Repetition – Sat 11th Oct 2014

By | October 11, 2014

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy my Saturdays with D, the menfolk head off for their day of football and we have a girlie day.

It’s relaxed, there’s no rush for school runs, no demands to be somewhere at a certain time but it’s always the same. Because that’s what we do on a Saturday (unless we’re out for a meet up/birthday party).

I think back to when I was not much older than D, Saturdays would mean a trip to one of the two big towns that we lived in between. A friend and I would alternate between the two, spending our hard-earned after-school job money on make-up, or a record, window-shopping and wondering what it would be like to be “grown up”. Sometimes we’d get the coach to London and walk along Kensington High Street, going into the clothes markets and imagining how glamorous it would be to live in that borough. All pipe dreams, I moved around a bit and settled half an hour from where I was, my friend remaining in the same area.

But it’s good to have ambitions and to dream, isn’t it? Something to aspire to.

T has aspirations, he wants to do something sports-related. If not actually playing football, then maybe writing or physio, whatever he puts his mind to, he’ll do his best to achieve. It’s that striving bit of his personality that I love, his determination to keep on and on, until he’s satisfied.

D, I’m not so sure. She loves to draw and has such immense concentration when she’s painting the tiniest design on her (little) nails. So maybe something art-related. Or singing, she loves to sing, but I doubt she could cope with the rejection, the fact that someone – for whatever reason – would decide that she/her drawing wasn’t good enough.

It’s something that I wonder about, fleetingly, and then decide that whatever makes her happy, makes me happy.

And has made her happy today? Watching Let It Go from Frozen repetitively. Singing along, singing the song on the rare occasions she wasn’t watching the video. Those 184m + views? D has certainly added to them today.

But she’s been relaxed and comfortable, smiling away and that is the best thing after a quite fraught couple of weeks for her.

And hey, town is always busy on a Saturday anyway.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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