Pride – Thurs 16th Oct 2014

By | October 16, 2014

As the title suggests, I’m feeling a bit proud of T and D this week, I’d like to bellow it out, Bono style.. But I won’t because they’re settling/sleeping, I’ll whisper it instead.


And why is that my word for the week?

1. Kurling
D participated in an inter-schools Kurling tournament this week. In a big hall, having to sit next to new people during every round, turn-taking and coping with the fact that their SN team came 6 out of 6 against mainstream school teams.

2. Parents Evening
Today has seen meetings with both T and D’s teachers.

Both are doing very, very well. The only criticism T’s tutor had was that he doesn’t participate much in History or RE, which considering all the changes he’s got used to (and the fact that homework is never popular) is fantastic.

It made me chuckle that it’s called Parents Evening when in T’s case, it was a 5 minute meeting with bells being rung when the five minutes were up. Sort of an educational speed dating. Not the ideal environment for D and fortunate I guess that Hubbie went with T, whilst I stayed behind with D as she’d had a bit of a fragile day.

3. The iPad mini saga
This will hopefully be sorted out next week, D is very much missing her one (which decided to break down early last week) and there have been tears this week, lots of them. I must admit that I was nearly in tears too after someone from the tech centre kept insinuating it was my fault because I had the “find my iPhone” app installed on it.
(Deep breaths)…anyway she should receive a replacement next week.

4. Wellbeing
And finally for me, I’m taking steps with my wellbeing, never easy when issues with the children tend to dominant the day.
My little linky is here if anyone would like to join in.

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