Our (not so) Little Boy Blue #Prose4T

By | October 29, 2014

It’s been a calm day, a day of castle making for T’s homework. T is the grand old age of 12 next week so I’ve composed a little poem for him (and some throwback pictures).

Our (not so) Little Boy Blue

The last 12 years have simply flown by
Since you were born with a healthy cry
A pink mass of cuteness
Bang on your due date
Just like your dad
You don’t like to be late

Ever since you could stand
You’ve been kicking a ball
With that nifty left foot
It’s “stepover, shoot and stand tall”



There’s no “I” in team
You play in your position well
Whether it’s win, lose or draw
You make my heart swell


And you’re so clever too
Our studious little man
Your brain is just like a sponge
Eager to learn what you can

And now you’re nearly a teen
Our not-so-little boy blue
Whatever you end up doing when you “grow up”
Mr Pick, we’re so proud of you


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