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By | October 12, 2014

Naively I assumed that our before-school mornings would get easier once T started at secondary school in September.

Previously it had meant us (T, D and me) all leaving the house at the same time, book bags, PE kits and lunch boxes trailing. We’d walk T to the road in which his primary school was and then walk to D’s SN school. Sometimes it went well, sometimes not so.

Our before-school routine has now changed. Gone are any thoughts of everyone sitting around a breakfast table together (a la “Bread” or “Darling Buds of May”), instead it’s split into three stages:

Hubbie is up by a yawn-inducing 4.45am, to leave the house between 6-7am. He gets himself sorted, a contrast to when he lived with his parents, his mum would leave a tray out for him, I’m afraid he doesn’t get that service here!

Then it’s time to wake up T, he takes a while to get his thoughts in order and, as I don’t have much 1:1 time with him, it’s a chance to see how he is, make sure he’s had some breakfast and got everything for the day (including a choice of three – yes three – combinations for PE) and off he trundles to catch his coach to school. Tie tied, bulging bag of books, lunchbox, drink etc.

And then D surfaces. A tornado of cuddle-demanding, squeaking fun. We have an hour between T leaving and us, so again it’s making sure she’s all ready and prepared. D often complains that she’s “felt rushed” as we leave when in reality, all she’s had to do is eat her breakfast, freshen up and get dressed. I’ve done everything else!

I would feel a failure if they’ve left without breakfast, when they were both in mainstream nursery, they were other children who’d either arrive not having eaten anything or would toddle in eating sweets or crisps, not ideal.

Strange then that I’m happy to dash out the door without breakfast, it’s just been usually a cup of (bleurgh!) instant decaf coffee, or if it’s a particularly busy morning, then lemon water. I always think “I’ll grab something a bit later”.

I was sent some belVita breakfast biscuits to try and see if we could achieve some #MorningWins with their aid.


The biscuits come in a pack of three and each biscuit is around 70 calories, so you’re looking at approx 210 calories per serving. They are ideal to chuck in a handbag or pocket for breakfast on the run, or (preferable for me) having in a coffee shop after the contents of one of my numerous lists have been met.


The biscuits are definitely crunchy (as stated on the box) and come in three flavours:
Choc Chips

In the interest of this review, I’ve been alternating between flavours and while they all have a great dunk ability and taste, the choc chip variety is my favourite.

The one thing that really surprised me is that they kept me going for the whole morning and beyond (this is probably due to them being the “only breakfast biscuit proven to slowly release carbohydrates over 4 hours”).

That would be a #MorningWin in itself but I have to take mine as the fact that T hasn’t been late for his school coach yet (thank goodness) and that D (generally) bounces into school happy, ready to start her day. Her classroom is upstairs and she’ll head up by herself (which is encouraged for independence), she’ll turn at the top, wave and say “bye Mumma”, kind of a “stars in their eyes” in reverse, always a good feeling.

This post is an entry for #MorningWin Linky Challenge sponsored by belVita Breakfast. Learn more at http://bit.ly/belVitaUK.

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