Moments – Thurs 30th Oct 2014

By | October 30, 2014

There’s been a few “moments” today, from both T and D. They weren’t meltdowns, but “moments”, short bursts of high intense protests at a situation.

With T, they’re usually over quickly, more often than not because he withdraws completely from a situation in a silent but angry protest.

D, however, can sometimes switch to a “moment” in a flash, almost as if someone has flicked a switch within but then will take a long time to calm afterwards. Sobbing, shaking and not listening to reason.

And the triggers?

Well, T’s was that “elephant in the room” that’s been there since the start of half term, homework. It’s all done now but it certainly hasn’t been without protest. I can see it from his viewpoint, it’s meant to be a week off from school, after a tiring and challenging first half term at secondary but it has to be done. He was sufficiently calm this afternoon to joke (ish) about the fact he’d no longer be nagged to do it. Who me? *assumes folded arms, fish wife pose*

D’s trigger was her breakfast. It had been made slightly differently. It took a while to decipher through the squeaks and sobs and then there was the aftermath. Fragile.

Today somehow reminded me of when D used to go to mainstream nursery. Some mornings she’s physically be unable to go in as a group with the other children. The volume of people trying to get in and hang up coats/bags in a small area was too much for her and she’d bolt, usually into the grounds. Moments when I’d be going after her, feeling the eyes of others on us. One person always used to comment “oh look, she’s (D) off on one again”. “One what?” I used to think, amongst other thoughts as I’d pick up my overwhelmed frightened girl and prepare for the walk of shame past people who knew of her diagnosis but chose to pass judgement. All in the past but we develop tough skins, us SN parents, don’t we?

Friday tomorrow, I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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