Meow! Weds 15th Oct 2014

By | October 15, 2014

It was a very fragile D that walked along to school this morning, she’d felt “rushed” (when all she really has to do is eat her breakfast and get dressed) and her coat was “itchy and scratchy”. Of course, D being D, didn’t tell me this straight-away, instead she walked, tears streaming, occasionally wailing and waiting for me to second-guess.

Many, many cuddles later she went upstairs to her classroom. Another guilty walk away for me.

She was still pale and tired when I collected her but cheered up once home, due to this:


D loves this magazine, it’s always very pinky, girly and, as the title suggests, packed full of arts and crafts ideas. It’s normally out just before it’s time for her injection but it came out the day after this month. Not ideal as it’s always her reward.

And this is what’s greeted us this evening:


Crafted and instructions followed by D. She’s delighted with it. Coincidentally she tends to “meow” when she’s unhappy but that wasn’t the case tonight, very happy “meows” – although Bitsey (fluffy family moggy) wasn’t quite sure what to make of the mask!

It’s put a smile on her face, which is very welcomed, now if it would just stop raining!

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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