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By | October 30, 2014

My wellbeing always takes a nosedive during the school holidays, we’ve had half term this week.

It’s a time when obviously the children’s needs come first and throw autism into the mix and it can feel a case of needing eyes and ears everywhere to divert any potential upset.

All along I’ve told myself that if you don’t feel right on the inside, you aren’t going to feel right on the outside. This is where diets are all about being in the right mindset, embarking on a rigid eating plan where you have convinced yourself that you’ll “cheat” and then feel “bad” for doing so, will inevitably result in failure, for me anyway. I have to be in the right frame of mind.

That is coming back slowly.

I made up a humongous batch of homemade vegetable soup this week and I’ve been having that for lunch. Packed full of veggies, it always makes me feel good.

The cross trainer thingy is in use daily, it’s great the way that you can not only see distance but also calories burnt. It’s a stark reminder that, say, one tiny M&S choc roll would take about half an hour to burn the calories consumed off.

That’s D in training mode above.

I am a right old worry-wort at times, sometimes too much and found a meditation type app, which I thought would be useful. I picked (what I thought was) a quiet spot and started it. Not banking on the excellent selective hearing of D, who always hears the “lunchtime” call but never the “it’s time to clear your floor”. Literally as soon as I set it (quietly), there was a “what’s that? what’s that sound? what does it do?” volley of questions. So maybe that’s something to try for next week, once they’re back at school, once I’ve had a coffee in peace.

Wellbeing Wednesday
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