Inside Out – Weds 1st Oct 2014

By | October 1, 2014

D and I saw her from a new perspective today, well part of her anyway.

She had to have a facial X-ray to double-check that all was well, following her trike fall on Friday, not only checking that there were no fractures but also no sign of sinus fluid build-up.

It was fascinating for D to see her spine, skull bones and eye sockets etc. Made even more interesting at first because she still had a hair tie (with a metal strip) in, which made for strange results until the technician realised.

Anyway, all is well and she’s back at school tomorrow. It was lucky that D had had an X-ray before (in her hand) so the whole experience wasn’t new to her, although she did find the position she had to adopt quite uncomfortable. The prior knowledge helped her with the fact that there would be other people around, it would be busy and that once we were in, it would all be over relatively quickly.

After that it was a case of lunch in town before getting home for T. D is anxious about returning to school tomorrow, she’s worried about having another accident or someone touching her (still quite bruised) nose, but I feel we have to take a leap of faith and assume that her classmates will be both pleased to see her back and a bit protective (an advantage potentially of being the only girl in the class). It will also be good for her to get back into routine.

T has had a grumpy couple of days, he’s managed to misplace his pencil case at school, he’s finding it extremely annoying that it isn’t in “Lost and Found” or that his tutor hasn’t got it. Any suggestion from school that he re-trace his steps because he may have left it somewhere is met with scoffs that he wouldn’t have left it behind. This may seem trivial but it is quite a big issue for T at the moment, I guess it’s retaining that certain element of control. The law of s*d dictates that as soon as I replace everything, it will turn up, doesn’t it.

Anyway, a return to routine tomorrow, with *fingers crossed* that those simmering anxieties don’t burble over for D on the way to school, I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx

The picture below makes me laugh every 1st of the month:


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