Ecstatic! Fri 17th Oct 2014

By | October 17, 2014

Ecstatic is how D has described herself tonight, in between squeaking and grinning, lots of grinning.


Because she is now a house captain for her school! The voting took place a couple of weeks ago, these were her reasons for wanting to be elected:

That and the fact she’ll get to help hand out the medals on sports day (she does like medals, just like her brother).

I think back to that over-whelmed and very scared little girl in mainstream and it is amazing just how far she’s come, how being in the right setting for her (small class size/high staff ratio) has enabled her to gain so much confidence in school. She was able to recognise when another child was upset during assembly today too and tell us about it (assemblies just didn’t happen for her in mainstream).

It is wonderful to see her really delighted to be voted in and it comes after a tough few weeks for her (trike fall and then broken iPad).

Needless to say the house captaincy was her “best bit of the week”, with her classmate being upset the “worst bit”.

We have a mega-relieved T that it’s the weekend (his “best bit”), with no “worst bits”.

Tomorrow brings football for T and a trip to the circus for D and I, an SN-friendly performance, which we went to last year and she’s really looking forward to it.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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