Counting Down – Weds 22nd Oct 2014

By | October 22, 2014

Not long until half term (thank goodness), T and D are getting quite weary and it shows in their tolerance (or lack of) levels of each other.

Earlier D was asking me enthusiastically what day it was tomorrow. I replied “Thursday”, thinking she was excited about the school disco that her SN school will be running. It’s only for an hour and reasonably early, the first one they’ve run in years.

Nope, she was excited because Thursday means it’s nearly Friday!

I hope she enjoys the disco. She has veered between looking forward to it and getting extremely anxious. Like anything new, it could go either way and there is the added element of that she’ll have been home, had tea and instead of starting the evening routine, we’ll be going back to school.

She’s had a good day at school, as had T.

He had Food Tech today (Home Economics as was) and brought home a fruit crumble that he’d made this morning.


It looks a bit “rustic” because it spent the whole day vertically in his school bag, but at least it didn’t spill. That would have been a tad disastrous and for a boy who doesn’t like any markings, tears or spills on his books or possessions, really quite yuck.

Another day closer to half term, yes, we are definitely counting down!

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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