Choices – Tues 28th Oct 2014

By | October 28, 2014

T is always extremely averse to venturing outside of the house and garden during school holidays. Whether it’s the fact that there will be more people around because it’s the holidays, I’m not sure but he had a choice today:

Doing two pieces of homework or going out.

T chose homework, which, bearing in mind how he likes to do his homework on a Sunday, is an indicator of how averse he is to being out (unless it’s football-related).

His homework is getting really quite varied and it’s always interesting to chat with him about it, getting his views and offering advice (if he takes it).

There is a piece that we’re all getting involved in, that of constructing an edible castle. Pictures to follow when it’s a bit more castle-like but the foundations (as it were) have been laid.

The clock change issues seem to be decreasing, which is good and T and D have been relatively calm together (which is also good).

D has been happy as long as Bunny is within grabbing distance!

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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