Averted – Mon 20th Oct 2014

By | October 20, 2014

One of the aspects I most admire about T’s character (our nearly 12 year old high functioning autistic son) is his drive and determination to do his best.

This will sometimes mean that he’ll do things over and over, until he’s satisfied, whereas I’d be saying “stuff this” and move on to something else.

But the downside to this is that he takes either opinions which differ from his or (what he perceives as) criticism very badly. He’s not able to instantly brush something aside and move on, this does concern us as he travels through secondary school and it’s one of the reasons why we are relieved he has a diagnosis, in the hope that others may be understanding.

Today didn’t start well. T had prepared his school bag but had packed it as a “week 1” and not “week 2”, which meant that all his books had to be quickly changed over. It also meant that his PE kit was incorrect, as he’d assumed it was outdoor (for week 1) as opposed to indoor (for week 2). The latter wasn’t ready (or dry) so he had to head off with the wrong top.

This didn’t make for a happy T, in fact it was a very unhappy T that left the house. Cross with himself, cross with me and extremely worried that he’d either get told off, get a “sin mark” or a detention (the newbies are threatened with detention for the strangest things, like not wearing a jumper in class even if it’s really warm). Poor T. One consolation was that he heard me leaving a phone message for school explaining what had happened and that he was very anxious about the situation, so he knew that the PE teacher should hopefully be aware.

It hasn’t made for a terribly worry-free day, wondering if he’d be ok, hoping he would be and crossing my fingers that he wouldn’t be furious with me when he got off the school coach and take it out on D, as he tends to.

Luckily….phew…he was smiling his little smile. It had all been fine with the PE teacher, he’d got the message.

Lessons learnt for both of us, one that whilst it’s good that T is now happy to pack his school bag himself, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if I double-checked it. It would certainly save the angst of this morning.

D has had a reasonable start to the week, she wasn’t happy at home time, she whizzed straight past me unhappy, but told me what was wrong once we were outside. Another child had been touching her and she wasn’t happy BUT she did stand up for herself and tell them to stop, which they did. Although there was still the “I’m upset so I’m going to bolt past Mumma”, she did tell me and was confident/cross enough to tell the child to stop, which is progress.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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