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By | October 3, 2014

I’m late with my Wellbeing Wednesday link up, it being a Friday!

It has been a bit of a week, but one in which I’ve managed to stick my head above my comfort zone and assert myself, a little bit.

I’m not a “Hello, it’s me! Look at me, cos I’m here” type of person, sometimes I wish I was, but then I feel I’d set myself up for a fall (emotionally not physically).

But I’m pleased with speaking up this week because it’s achieved results and that can only be good for my wellbeing.

My first one concerned my new glasses, I had Bells Palsy a few years ago and you wouldn’t know it to look at me now (I was very lucky) but when I’m tired (frequently) I can feel that the nerves in my left side are tired too.

I found out also that my “dominant eye” is my left eye, which was the side that was affected and the vision in that eye was worse than the other. I went for decades with 20:20 vision until last year.

Another test this year established that I’d need varifocals and I ummed and aaahed about the cost until my lovely Hubbie offered to pay for them. There was a sliding scale of how good the lenses in between the two prescriptions would be and we opted for the middle price, thinking that that would be okay.

It wasn’t. Although the glasses looked fab:

I felt like I was moving my head like a robot just to get the lenses to work properly. There was also an issue that straight surfaces appeared distorted if I quickly glanced at them (a bit like a dodgy photoshop picture).

I took them back and received lots of guff about I needed to give them more time (they’d had 5 days) and the frame size was quite small (something I hadn’t been advised at the time).

But, my ground was stood and although I’ll now have two pairs of glasses, that original style will be reading and I’ve got a geeky-type pair coming for distance, I asserted myself and stuck with it.

If I’m (or rather Hubbie) is going to pay £300+ for glasses, I want them to not be ones that make me feel I’m going to fall over because surfaces and stairs (now that was a weird feeling!) don’t look straight. Walking around with them was bad enough but I can imagine driving would have been tricky.

My second little victory is something I’m a little bit guilty about, but to carry it through would have caused issues, lots of them:

Jury Service.

Something I was called for, but the timing was terrible.

I’d love to do it sometime, to go through that process of listening, deliberating and debating. Seeing a court case from that perspective.

But, it would have meant childcare for both D and T before and after school and that is not achievable around here. Both from an out of routine aspect and a cost. Yes, there would be an allowance but it’s pitiful. Hubbie is self-employed so it wasn’t practicable for him to step in either.

I dithered about contacting them to be excused, I felt I was letting the “system” down but sent off an email, explaining my position. It helped that I could reference this last week with D having been off, GP appointment and her X-ray, as well as the fact that she simply needed her mum. The change of routine arising from any jury service would have deeply affected her and T, they would have taken it out on each other and I doubt any childcare provider (if I had found one) would have taken them together – another issue.

Anyway, I’ve been excused.

That’s one less thing to worry about.

So, two little victories for me but both things that have made my wellbeing feel a bit happier.

And I’ve written this in between a bit of a declutter of books and toys, ready for the charity shop, which always feels good, both from the clearing aspect and donation.

Wellbeing Wednesday
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