Whites, Brights and Happy Skin #ProductReview

By | September 16, 2014

Regular readers of my blogs will be aware that 3/4 of us in the Bluecrisps household have sensitive skin, extremely so.

We are restricted to one brand of soap, one brand of washing up liquid (now there’s an excuse if ever there was one for a dishwasher, it’s on my wishlist) and one brand of liquid for the washing machine.

T and D also have an allergy to the adhesive used in plasters. I thought I had this to a lesser extent but, we were using sticking crafts in the holidays and I put some stickers on my hand (as you do) prior to using them, spots and blisters quickly followed, which have only just healed. So, we have to be very careful as to the products used.

I was sent a packet of Surcare laundry capsules for us to trial and my concerns were twofold:

Would they be effective at getting whites white and keeping the brightness within coloured clothing?


Would our skin react?


At weekends we have a lot of washing, not least because of football! T and Hubbie head off for T’s match; Hubbie wearing a neutral top as he’s assistant manager of T’s team and then in the afternoon, he’s physio for a local men’s team with a totally different club. So there is am and pm clothing for both, plus extras in case it’s wet or muddy and then sweatshirts/hoodies. There is also the (not cheap) branded uniform and PE kit for T’s school so everything needed to come up clean (for skin sensitivity reasons we also can’t use any stain removing products).

The capsules are placed in the machine, at the back, before the clothes, because we live in a hard water area. I used two. I’ve also since tried another wash using one, with the same effective results.


A 40c wash followed.

And here’s a couple of examples of the results:

A very white school shirt, I tried to take a picture against the sunlight so the white could be reflected, but failed, I’m not an octopus!


The whites, next to the brights, hanging out to dry:


The sachets can be purchased here on the McBrides site and are priced at £3.50 for 10, which is comparable with prices for similar washing sachets. I’ve had a look at the other Surcare products and there’s also washing powder, fabric conditioner and liquid detergent, bundles are available too.

It’s been a successful trial for us, the sachets did their job with no after-effects.

Here’s what Surcare say about their laundry range:

*We promise not to put anything unnecessary into our products that will irritate your sensitive skin. No enzymes, no dyes, no acids. None of that stuff that other brands seem to think is okay for something that’s going to go next to your skin. Not even perfumes. Even if they’re the nicest smelling scent in the world Surcare laundry products will stay completely fragrance free and suitable for sensitive skin.

Because in our view nothing smells as good as the ‘just-off-the-line’ smell of fresh air. And we know that anything we put in that’s not absolutely necessary to get your clothes clean risks irritating your skin. And for us, as the champions of sensitive skin, that simply wouldn’t do. We also promise Surcare will get your clothes outstandingly clean each and every time you wash.”

Those promises have been met here.

Disclaimer: we were sent a pack of laundry sachets for the purpose of this review, my words and views are my own.

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Kate Fever on 16th September 2014 at 3:13 pm.

This sounds great – always good to know of products that are suitable for sensitive skin – three in this house have eczema. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested


Jeannette on 29th September 2014 at 9:56 am.

Thanks Kate 🙂


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