Weird Thing – Mon 22nd Sept 2014

By | September 22, 2014

Tonight’s title comes from something T said today. I love his sense of humour, it’s very much like mine was (and still is) at his age, the slightest hint of something silly will set him off, sometimes giggling until he gets hiccups.

I miss T’s humorous side when he’s grumpy or anxious. Like D, his moods can totally dictate how the day will go.

But what is this “weird thing”?

Well, D (it’s not her) has ridden her bike on both school runs today.


She is now extremely good at the brakes and knowing to stop at the kerb/crossing and waiting for me, as she said today “I’d never cross a road without you, Mumma”. Which is excellent but she has been known to attempt it when she’s over anxious.

She also doesn’t like coming up against people (stranger anxiety) and that is when she’ll stop and I’ll have to guide her slowly past them. One of the many reasons why I can’t envisage her riding to school on her own, not that she would want to.

Both times I’ve rode her trike from school and back again in the afternoon, it was great.

And that, according to T was the “weird thing”, or as he described it:

“It’s Weird Thing Bingo, something you don’t see everyday. An old lady riding a pink trike”.

Old? Old? “Nice” to know I’m perceived as such, but that’s T’s very honest humour, which naturally produced some giggles from him and a bit of mock indignation from me.

Mind you, I’ve never seen another “old lady” riding a pink trike around our village so, perhaps, he has a point….

I was slightly concerned that he wouldn’t appreciate being met by the pink trike when he got off the school coach but we were waiting right back from the crowd and, once he realised that he could put his school bags into the crate on the back (and wouldn’t therefore have to carry them), he was a happy chappie. Running alongside D as she cycled, giving her encouragement to keep going, much like the coaches do during a football game, I imagine.

A good start to the week therefore from this WT! I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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