T’riffic – Tues 9th Sept 2014

Yesterday and its rather morose tone seem like a distant memory and a bit of a blip. Such is the unpredictability which, although routines are so important, can dominate our life at times.

This afternoon has brought smiles, laughter, bonding even as T and D worked together on a Minecraft PS3 game (which I found by accident) and singing, silly singing with D in the b a t h which always makes her happy. T is now well into the routine that secondary school has brought, leaving to catch his bus much more confidently, no more tears in his eyes which were sad to see.

Days like today make the ones like yesterday bearable, because tomorrow is another day and life is just too short to dwell, especially when it’s going by soooo quickly.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring, thanks for reading Jx


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