The Widening Gap – Sun 21st Sept 2014

By | September 21, 2014

Now, we’re nowhere near close to getting this secondary school homework routine cracked for T.

Ideally he should be doing it on the day set and, no doubt, as he progresses through school and the workload increases, this will need to happen; but what with the (much) longer day and all the changes, we’re sticking with getting it all done in one go as he’s busy with football all day Saturdays.

There’s still resistance from him as to getting settled and getting down to it, but once he does, it’s out of the way relatively quickly. We had the correct submission dates too (which always helps).

It’s at times like this that the intellectual and emotional variances between T and D are very apparent and the gap appears to be widening.

There is no way that D would have been able to concentrate for the length of time that T did today, with the vast array of subjects, nor would she have wanted to. There would have been a huge outburst of negativity and then, it would have taken absolutely hours to calm her down before tackling one piece of homework and then it would be all over again for another, I know that all reads like speculation but, knowing D’s concentration spans and tolerance levels, I think it would be accurate.

Hubbie and I were talking about “this widening gap” last night and there isn’t any point in being negative about it, our children are what and who they are. Whilst T progresses in both intellect and working towards whatever career path he wants to take, D will always be his little sister, someone who he doesn’t like at times but he’s always very protective of her when it comes to outside elements (I hope he always will be (the protecting part, not the disliking).

We all extremely grateful that they are both in the most appropriate educational settings for them, both having very similar traits but very obvious variances too.

Having gone through Reception and on term of Year One with a very unhappy D in mainstream (before she received her Statement, at the second attempt), I’m very conscious of just how emotional it is for parents/carers of autistic children who are not in the right setting, for them. Similarly, SN school wasn’t appropriate for T, he needed a routine-friendly mainstream environment with the prospect of more advanced work to suit his level. Like I mentioned, they are both so similar in many ways but so different too.

A new week tomorrow, I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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Karen Sellers on 22nd September 2014 at 7:08 pm.

Gosh I still can’t imagine any of my kids doing any homework at a weekend unless they were much higher up the school. I think T is doing very well to cope with it at all, well done that boy.


Jeannette on 23rd September 2014 at 3:17 pm.

Thanks K, mega proud of how he’s coping with it all 🙂


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