Reasoning – Sun 28th Sept 2014

By | September 28, 2014

One thing that both Hubbie and I struggle with, with raising our two (very individual) children with autism is their ability to listen to reasoning behind decisions, or within a general conversation. Not that we ever really have a conversation beyond three or four exchanges (with T and D).

It all depends on how receptive to discussion they are feeling and, if they’re not, it takes a while to “get them back” (for want of a better phrase).

Take yesterday, Hubbie and T were at a football game in the afternoon, T had previously been asked not to sit somewhere (due to new rules) but he and another son of a coach did. Both dads tried to reiterate what had been said previously, zero co-operation because T didn’t understand the reasoning behind the request.

We brought it up today because it needed to be emphasised that what happened yesterday couldn’t again (the club could face a heavy fine). Again, T was very unreceptive, despite the reasoning being explained and this is something that does concern me as he travels through mainstream schooling, that at times he’s very unwilling to listen to, or accept, rationale behind what someone is saying. He has his own opinions and that seems to be it, the “black and white but no grey” element of his thinking.

It is also an issue with D too, but instead of retorting back, she will get very upset and want to bolt. A prime example today was attempting to explain that if she plays on her tablet whilst it’s charging, it’s unlikely to charge up very fast. Explained in a perfectly reasonable way but to D it was as if she’d been told she could no longer play on it, full stop.

So, combine the above with homework (for T) and a still fragile D after her fall on Friday and it’s been a Sunday not without it’s “moments”, but that’s life, no doubt it would be boring if it wasn’t.

D is definitely off school tomorrow (and probably Tuesday) with her nose injury. I’m not sure if her sense of smell has returned yet (which would indicate the swelling inside her nose is going down) and when I ask her if it hurts, she replies “not sure”, which indicates to me that she doesn’t want to admit it does because she detests calpol (which is always a battle to administer) or maybe she just can’t tell. Either way I think she needs a GP check-up before I’m happy to send her back to school, which will be a challenging in itself, with actually getting an appointment and then taking her into the surgery (something she’s not keen on with the volume of people in the waiting room).

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx

(Tonight’s end picture courtesy of @curlywhirlygirly)

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