Out Of Routine – Weds 24th Sept 2014

By | September 24, 2014

Our see-saw days are continuing, today’s primarily because of a few “out of routine” events for T.

Today has been a non-uniform day for him, it’s been a transition/team work for the new year 7’s at his school. Which is a good idea, it’s a chance for the children to integrate, learn a bit more about each other and hopefully strike up new friendships. Unfortunately for T, it’s “out of routine”.

Another factor in his downbeat (and that’s an understatement) mood this evening has been that he’s been given pieces of homework this week, to complete this week. Not at the weekend for next week. This hasn’t gone down well at all and it’s been challenging to get him to undertake them. One piece still hasn’t been done but there’s always tomorrow.

(Digressing slightly: I was having a conversation with a fellow mum at the weekend and she was asking me whether I considered that T’s primary school had done enough to prepare the year 6’s for secondary school. I guess it has to be a “no”, there is so much to get used to – the (much) stricter uniform code, the vastness of the new environment and the increase in work. There were assurances of more transition and assistance for him from the SENco, which didn’t materialise and, I know, I shouldn’t look back but maybe my experiences may assist someone with a high functioning child in a current mainstream year 6 environment to speak out for more transition, more visits and just better communication.)

And there’s more change tomorrow as it’s Hubbie’s birthday, which has got T thinking about whether he’ll have to go to school on his birthday (yes), which has not helped with moods.

A new day tomorrow, it would be nice to step down from this emotional see-saw, I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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