“Not listening” Sat 6th Sept 2014

By | September 6, 2014

Today hasn’t been an especially good day in the Bluecrisps household, not for the female members (D and I) anyway.

The menfolk went off for their day of football-related activities and I thought D and I would be doing our usual bits and pieces. Bit of crafting/drawing/baking etc, all very stereotypical but things we can do together and attempt a two-way chat whilst we do them.

Not so. D has insisted on wearing her headphones today, mostly Minecrafting, oblivious to requests to participate in anything.

I’ve found it frustrating – anyone would – and when I said something, there followed hours of sobbing, of refusal, of looking at me.

Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything, it certainly wasn’t done with a raised voice but it was enough to make her even more uncommunicative that she had been previously.

We’ve now had a huge cuddle, tears still running down D’s nose and when asked if there’s anything she’d change about today she said “not listening and not ignoring”. So maybe, maybe she’s taken it on board.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well, no more dwelling on today here, a new one tomorrow Jx


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