Morose Monday – 8th Sept 2014

By | September 8, 2014

Some days I don’t want to write a diary post, today is one such day, the clue as to how it’s gone is in the title.

But then I give myself a metaphorical kick and remember why I started blogging, how reading other people’s posts and feeling a sense of empathy helped me, as hopefully mine do sometimes.

So, what’s been occurring?

Well, the Monday morning blues seem to have been widespread and lasted all day, for the majority of us.

T got off for his bus on time (there’s only the one, so he has to) and it was late. It happens. Same in the afternoon and he managed to (already) lose a pair of PE socks (with PE three times this week this is a concern), PE kit was also not to his liking, being a little bit too big (room to grow and all that).

It continued.

He got frustrated at home and hit D, one of those loud slaps that she really feels. One upset D, one “what have I done, ref?” T.

Monday nights mean football training so the menfolk departed for that whilst D and I regrouped and I tried to find out about her day. She was tired.

A happier T has returned, he’s run and kicked whatever-it-was out of his system.

Bath time, bed time. We’ll do it all again tomorrow, but hopefully better.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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