It’s Good To Talk #WellbeingWednesday

By | September 17, 2014

It can be isolating being an SN parent, we tend not to visit places where there’s hoards of people as D finds it too challenging.

Then, if she does react to the noise and sheer volume of people, there are the inevitable stares and comments and we do “the walk (or bolt, in D’s case) of shame” away.

That’s why it was so nice to visit the Special Needs playground near us for a birthday party on Saturday.

The layout is such that the children are free to roam, laugh, run around and enjoy just being children in a very inclusive atmosphere and the parents are able to relax and catch up.

This latter aspect took me a few visits, there was an element of “will she be okay? What if…? What if….?” but D goes there so often with her school and, it being a birthday party, her friends were there, it was all good.

And it was. The mums sat and talked, laughed and shared our experiences. it’s always a relief to chat to people who just “get it”, this autism parenting.
We don’t have a school gates element as the vast majority of children arrive and leave by school transport.

We all decided that we’d catch up next week and made plans for a Christmas social too for the children.

It’s definitely Good To Talk.

Wellbeing Wednesday
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