It Got Better – Thurs 18th Sept 2014

By | September 18, 2014

For quite a few terms now, D has been participating in a once-a-week after school sports activity. The sport changes every half term and there’s been trampolining, tennis (other sports I can’t currently remember) and now football.

The aim is to encourage team work, let the children have a bit of fun and up their fitness levels. It’s generally the same children every half term who are picked too, I guess staff have found a happy mix and are sticking with it. Presumably also, it has to be the case that parents can pick them up as the transport people wouldn’t do a special drop off, I imagine.

D is by far the youngest in the group, but this doesn’t mean she isn’t the strongest, far from it! However she does sometimes feel a bit intimidated that all the others are older than she is.

Today was one such example. The school run (walk) was accompanied by a very miserable D, saying she didn’t want to do it, but she “had to”, she was “scared by the older children” and was generally extremely unhappy by the whole idea.

Normally D has to walk up the stairs to her classroom by herself, to encourage independence, but, as luck would have it (and phew!) her teacher was at the foot of the stairs so I could mention just how worried D was.

D’s teacher said the same as I’d been saying to her, to give it one more try and if she really didn’t enjoy it, then we’d say no to next week, it is a long day for her too.

So, big, huge, mega hugs and I started a guilty walk home, hoping she’d be okay.

And she was.

She walked down the corridor afterwards smiling away, because she’d been told she’d made a “great pass”, she couldn’t wait to tell Hubbie and T as they like football, just a bit! They do do a lot of positive reinforcement there, which D responds well to.

When I asked her if she wanted to do the club again next week, it was a resounding “yes”, I’ll probably have to remind her about that next week.

T has had a good day too, we met up for our Costa catch-up before collecting D, with Hubbie too. Hubbie hadn’t seen T directly after school since he’d started at his secondary school and it was good that he could see just how relaxed, settled and confident T seems already. Such a relief.

So, not a brill start to the day with that anxiety-filled school run but it definitely Got Better. Friday tomorrow too!

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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