Highs and Lows – Tues 23rd Sept 2014

By | September 23, 2014

I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that T’s or D’s moods can dictate how our day (or after school time) will go, that was certainly the case today.

T was in absolute stinker of a mood on the way home today, he wouldn’t elaborate (may be the school coach had been noisy, I’m not sure, he’s very sensitive to noise) but it was made plain that he did not want to be drawn into conversation and told D a few times that he “couldn’t care less” about what she was trying to tell/show him. Which hurts, I can’t pretend it doesn’t but I can’t show that, it would make things worse.

Anyway, some time winding down in his room helped because his mood has improved.

It’s inevitable that there will be school runs like this, he does have a long day, with the challenges of being a new year 7 in secondary school; but I wish that he’d take account of other’s feelings, it’s something that does concern me, him being in a mainstream environment. A glare from T is really quite stern and certainly let’s whoever it’s intended for know that he’s not in approval.

D had an upset at school today and what with that and T’s mood, she was fragile for a while after school.

There was – fortunately – something written in her diary so I was able to discuss it with her, let’s just say being the only girl in her class does have its advantages in terms of adoring classmates, but it can also be a hinderance too.

But, she did tell me something that was amazing and just proof of how far she’s come in her SN school – she wants to be a house captain! We have the task of making a poster with why students should vote for her and she’ll need to stand up and say why she deserves votes. This she’s looking forward to and from a child who couldn’t participate in any assemblies or activities whilst in mainstream. Incredible, eh?

D’s reasons for votes, that she suggested tonight, were:
* She’s kind
* She cares about others
* She wants to help people, especially with handing out the medals on sports day.

Lovely reasons, aren’t they? That’s my girl!

Obviously we have to manage the fact that she may not get voted in, but I think (and hope) she’d be really pleased for whoever did,

A definite “ups and downs” day here, or should that be “downs and ups” (as it got better?), I hope everyone’s had a good one Jx


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