Another one down! Tues 16th Sept 2014

By | September 16, 2014

I really didn’t want to leave D at school today, she was a pale, snivelling, cuddly D, holding on for dear life.

The reason? She’d just had her injection with the school nurse at the start of the day. Something that she understands why it’s happening and accepts the numbing cream and dressing before we leave home. The anxieties kick in on the way to school and then, like today, it’s a flailing, squirming D, me holding her, one nurse trying to distract her and another trying to administer. It’s not easy and I am grateful that it’s done at school because the GPs surgery just doesn’t have the resources or the patience to deal with a (very anxious) D.

But because she then has to get to class and start her school day, it does mean that our cuddles afterwards are limited.

A heavy-hearted walk away but I knew that, once she calmed down, she’d be okay (ish).

And she was (ish). It was still a pale D who came down from her classroom and no, I didn’t get a hug or a “Mumma!” but a few massive squeezes of my hand as we walked out of school, an indicator maybe that she’d held some emotions in.

Would you believe? I’d brought her iPad as we always have a ten minute wait for T and it distracts her as there are always other people at the coach stop. T’s coach was early! Traffic must have been clear, for a change!

T had been cuddly when he left this morning and cuddly when he got off the coach, which is unusual for him but I think the novelty of leaving early for the coach has been replaced by a bit of “urgh, this again”.

He does seem more settled now that any confusion around homework handing-in dates has been clarified, which is a relief.

Another day tomorrow, I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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