A Lesson Learnt – Sun 14th Sept 2014

By | September 14, 2014

Oh dear, today hasn’t been a day like I’d imagined it would be.

One thing has dominated our day, that of T’s homework,

We knew the volume would increase and, admittedly it hasn’t been helped by the fact that he wrote down the wrong submission date for some assignments during the first few days in his new school. Understandable I guess, he had so much new change to deal with and it’s only now that the online homework system has provided our log-in that we were able to check. Which explains why last week’s homework volume was relatively light.

So…it’s all now done but it has taken the majority of the day, some was research, some more task-orientated and some design, creativity is not T’s strongpoint, he’s more analytical.

There have been tears from T, annoyance that he wrote the handing-in dates down incorrectly and general frustration that he probably spent the best part of what-would-have-been a school day on homework.

Lessons learnt therefore. I’ve been reluctant to insist that T completes – say – one topic per night but it would definitely be preferable to today and now that the online system has been set up, dates can be checked too.

D, bless her, has had an okay day. Her homework consisted of writing some “News”, which she completed. She did bear the brunt of a few “let me concentrate, D!” outbursts from T, eventually taking herself out of the room, it was easier.

Hopefully next Sunday will be better.


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