A Hurdle – Fri 12th Sept 2014

By | September 12, 2014

Regular readers of my blogs will be aware that, although D is generally extremely comfortable and settled in her SN school, there is an element of the day which she struggles with.

Playtime and lunchtime.

These are the times when activities aren’t adult-led, when there is adult supervision but it’s down to the children to run around, let off steam and play.

Because D relies very much on routine and adults to guide her, she finds this difficult unless there is a “leader” amongst her friends, someone who will say “let’s play chase” or “knights and princesses”. It’s as a playground should be, children letting off steam and using up energy.

Occasionally though, there is conflict or in D’s case, bullying.

She is not a child to say “go away and leave me alone” if someone is saying something hurtful to her or hurting her, I wish she was. That she had that confidence to snap back, just once, because then I don’t think it would happen again.

But she doesn’t. She worries that if she does, she’ll get “told off”. She had dreadful anxieties all the way to school today about a particular child who pinches and punches her, who did so earlier this week, who was reprimanded for it but then tries to coax her over for more.

I’ve suggested that she ignore them and move out of the way, go and be with her friends. Her TA has said the same too, we had a chat this morning but whether it’s that D is frozen to the spot or whether she doesn’t know what to do, I’m not sure. What I do know is that this is causing her concern. She has a lanyard that she wears at break/lunch with prompts but I guess she gets so anxious that they get ignored.

What makes it worse for D is that after she was punched by this child last term, they were asked to write her a note, saying that they were sorry and promised not to do it again. D is extremely visual and this note helped her not bottle any emotions up from the punch. To her, it was rectified.

But it isn’t.

This aspect is something that has been an issue for years, something we’ve had discussions with CAMHS about. They suggested a social story, which is where the lanyard idea came from.

I don’t want to smother D in cotton wool, she will encounter people who don’t necessarily like her for unknown reasons, but it doesn’t seem fair that her break times and lunch times are now not something she looks forward to. Not when school has only been back for just over a week.

I think we’re all glad it’s Friday, especially T who has decided that he’ll have an indent in his shoulder by the time he’s left year 13, so heavy is his school bag!

I hope everyone’s day has gone well, suggestions for D’s play time predicament would be really appreciated Jx


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