A Cry – Tues 2nd Sept 2014

By | September 2, 2014

We’ve all had a cry today, maybe it’s done us good…hopefully.

D because T had hit her after she’d made a wrong move in Minecrafting, he said he didn’t mean it but it was a volatile atmosphere afterwards.

T as a result of some built-up feelings about his starting at secondary school tomorrow. It’s a relief that he’s let them out today as opposed to tomorrow. He corrected himself afterwards and then practised his tie tying again, bless him.

And me, because of a combo of the above and, I guess, because the last six weeks have flown by but blimey, I need an hour or so of “me time”. Just the chance to start and finish reading something without one eye on a potential situation, or listening to a music track or just not having to rush a toilet trip because of whatever might kick-off if they are in the same room. Or even finishing a cup of coffee that’s gone cold.

So, tomorrow is looming. A big change for T. I shall be clock-watching until it’s time to meet him at the bus stop. Hoping he’ll have found his tutor group room, that he doesn’t glare at people too much, or answer too sharply to questions and that he fits in quickly and enjoys the next six or so years at the school we fought so hard to get a place at.

His first day at primary school seems like only last year, where has the time gone?

I hope everyone’s day has gone well, thanks for reading Jx


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