Understanding – Weds 20th Aug 2014

By | August 20, 2014

It’s always a massive relief to get D’s injection out of the way for another month.

Today’s gave her cause for anxieties as it was an unknown nurse coming to the house, someone she hadn’t met before and therefore may not have been familiar with just how much D protests and wiggles, it really is a two person task every time. D is nearly as tall as me now (at age 10) and extremely strong.

Luckily, the nurse had been told what to expect and she was lovely, a gentle tone and chat beforehand meant that D was more relaxed and, yes she wriggled and flailed, but it was done relatively smoothly.

Because it was administered at home and it’s the holidays, I obviously didn’t have to get her to class straight away so we could have the deep pressure cuddles that she likes and craves, lots of them.

It took her a while to recover from the injection process (which again made me grateful she was at home) and then, it was time for her to become my (not so) little sous chef and do some baking. I had hoped that she’d be more inclined to try new things, having made something herself, but as yet, it’s not totally working, school do force her to try new things and I’d rather she tried them because she wanted to and not get a complex (I have a horrible tale from my primary school days, which I’ll share sometime).

Anyway, today has gone better (ish) than anticipated, I hope everyone else’s has too Jx.


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