The Skulls and Stars Fairy – Sat 16th Aug 2014

By | August 16, 2014


If there is one thing D likes more than cuddles and Bunny, it’s dressing up. But, dressing up in tutus, tiaras, jewellery and all things glittery. It’s something that came to her later then other children but she embraces it.
There isn’t an enforced school uniform at her SN school so she’ll walk alongside me, tutu skirt over leggings, sequins shimmering in the sunshine (or rain, this is “summer” after all!).

It’s always a chance to dress up at her school for festivals including Halloween and she gets quite scared at some of the other pupils’ costumes, all being SN pupils they really get into character too. Rushing past in the corridors can be all sorts of weird and wonderfully dressed pupils.

I was given the chance to choose a costume for D from the Halloween section at and thought this would be a good chance to introduce her to the costumes and hopefully join in at school when the time comes.

The one we choose – D is wearing it in the picture above – was a Skull and Stars fairy costume, perfect with its tutu skirt and sparkly bits for D.

The costume comprised:
*A dress (slip over the head, no fastenings so ideal for D)
*Really funky (stronger than I expected) wings, in two parts
*Striped leggings
*And a double belt and a choker (the choker was Velcro fastened, so again, very good for D and reassuring that it wouldn’t get too tight)


It was a lovely sunny day today with no rain (yay!) so how better to test out how durable the costume is than with a bit of bouncing?




The costume passed it’s bouncing and durability test really well. I like the fact it’s themed but still very feminine and she’s really looking forward to wearing it around Halloween at school.

The only thing I would add is that the leggings aren’t really leggings, they’re more thick tights so I’ll be ensuring black leggings are worn instead.

It’s made our day fun, having a Halloween fairy happily running around the garden, we were sent this costume for the purpose of this review from, well worth a look, there are some really fun costumes on their site.

T’s had a day full of football-related activities so he’s a tired but happy chappie tonight, I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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