Soggy – Fri 15th Aug 2014 #WOTW

By | August 15, 2014

Friday and time to think of a word to sum up our week, a week of rain, seemingly endless rain.

A week in which D seems to have re-discovered pacing, up and down in her bedroom, creaking the floorboards as she walks…and walks. She says she’s daydreaming when she does it but it’s something she hadn’t done for absolutely years up until this week, so a little concerned.

Having discounted Pacing as my Word, it has to be:


Soggy faces of our poor little guinea pigs as they squeak whenever someone goes into the kitchen (they’re in hutches in the back garden), squeaks that say “if you’re going into the fridge, we wouldn’t mind a nibble of a veggie” and “not very happy about all this rain”. Soggy whenever one of us goes out to see them as umbrellas scare them, I guess they think the umbrella resembles a big bird shape swooping down to grab them.

Soggy, soggy garden. Not fit for very much. Soggier even more today after T and D bounced about on the trampoline – during a dry spell – and any water in the surround got bounced down.

Soggy washing after I thought “I’ll just leave it outside for half an hour more” during a dry spell and then a cloudburst and voila, soggy clothes which definitely wouldn’t dry in the next half hour.

Soggy moggies who normally sit on alert in the front garden, dashing around to the back door every time there’s rain. Grumpy soggy moggies who I was tempted to dry, anyone remember the Pink Panther after he’d been through a tumble dryer?

(I couldn’t find an image of that, so here’s a fluffy cat!)


And soggy foot/paw prints (grrr), neither animals or mammals seem to remember the door mats at times.

But there have been some non-soggy moments, plenty of cuddles from D (when she’s not pacing), giggles with T as we watch something silly on the TV and definitely no “soggy bottoms” in our baking efforts.

That’s our week and during our “best and worst bits of the week” during tea tonight, neither T nor D had any “worst” bits so it must have been okay!

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Debbie Johnson on 15th August 2014 at 9:08 pm.

Soggy is easily outweighed by the gifts which come from baking! It’s amazing how a change of weather impacts our lives- but I’m pleased to hear there’s been no ‘worst’ bits, that in itself is cause for pudding!


Jeannette on 19th August 2014 at 11:41 am.

Thanks Debbie, we are way too reliant on the weather, probably because I don’t drive but the “no worst” bits from the children was definitely a big “yay” here 🙂


Jocelyn (@ReadingRes) on 16th August 2014 at 7:23 am.

Oh dear, soggy is never good! I’ve been freakishly fortunate to just get my washing in before huge downpours this week, which rarely happens to me, so I do feel for you! Fingers crossed we’ll have drier days this week x Thanks for sharing with #WotW x


Jeannette on 19th August 2014 at 11:41 am.

Thanks J, a far better one this week 🙂


Debbie Roberts on 18th August 2014 at 6:28 pm.

It sounds like you had a soggy week for sure! Your squeaking guinea pigs remind me of the one we had when growing up.She lived in the conservatory in an open to run, the kitchen was right beside the conservatory and whenever we went into the fridge she would squeak like mad. Her nickname was cucumber as she loved it and we always gave her a slice when we went to the fridge….Which probably only served to encourage her to squeak every time the fridge door as opened.

We’ve realised that door mats are for soggy animals to lie on and not tow ipe there paws. I hope that next week is a little dryer for you.

Popped over from #WotW.


Jeannette on 19th August 2014 at 11:43 am.

Aww, your little cucumber piggie sounded fun, ours seem well trained for any kitchen activity, they’re really funny 🙂


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