Repetition – Mon 10th Aug 2014

By | August 11, 2014

I always try and focus on the positives with T and D’s autism, it’s the best way to be. If we concentrated on the “can’t do’s”, the lack of social skills, the elements of OCD and the repetitiveness, I doubt we’d do anything.

But sometimes a day is dominated by one of those traits and today has been that day.

D has spent a lot of the day pacing, it’s something I thought she’d grown out of, she used to put her toys/books in the centre of a room and just walk up and down past them. The expression on her face never changed and she wouldn’t speak or answer questions. I used to find it quite upsetting to see her so focused and unresponsive but eventually acknowledged that she just had to “pace” something out.

Like I said, it’s something I’d thought she’d outgrown. The fact that her speech has come on so much (I thought) meant that she’d be more able to express herself.

I don’t know. She eventually stopped and hasn’t been willing to have our usual ba t h time chat about her day.

Instead…she’s sung the Cbeebies bedtime song. Over and over and over.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring a less “pace-y” day, but if it doesn’t, that’s okay, it’s that good old predictable unpredictability of autism.


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