Reassurance – Sun 31st Aug 2014

By | August 31, 2014

I can’t quite believe it’s the last day of August, September and Autumn are looming.

With this, brings a return to SN school for D and a commencement at secondary school for T, the latter is going to impact us all in terms of routine change but obviously T the most.

We took a trip out to his new school today, to familiarise him again with the layout and where the school bus will drop him off and collect him.

He was very much against the trip to start with, deeming it unnecessary but, once he was at there, we were really relieved to see how at ease he was within the ground and how he remembered where key buildings where. He turned it into a tour for us – T being the Attenborough-type guide – which made it quite fun, another indicator of how relaxed he was.

I also wanted to point out some little landmarks on the route, so that he can look at those from the bus and know that he’s nearly at school/his bus stop closest to home. There were plenty to choose from too – cows, horses, chickens (which made him smile because we used to have chickens), farms and a garden centre – much better than the 1.5 hour trudge through suburbia which would have been the journey to school where he was first allocated.

Not much else we can do now, apart from try and ensure he has a relaxing Monday and Tuesday – not always easy with D and their very differing intellectual and emotional levels – but we’ll see.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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