Music – Weds 6th Aug 2014

By | August 6, 2014

One thing I’m missing in these school holidays (apart from the chance of a coffee and a magazine in peace/an uninterrupted loo trip) is music.

I normally pop my ear worms in after dropping off D and T at their schools and then again before picking them up, never whilst I’m with them. The music tends to influence the speed I walk too, something with a fast beat gets me there quicker!

At home, music tends to be confined to the stereo in the kitchen and low enough volume so as not to entice calls of protest from D who is very particular about what she’ll “allow” me to listen to.

But sometimes things change. We’re doing a lot of baking this holiday because it gets T and D involved and it’s good for them to see what goes into
foods and the food chain process.

Today we all make a cake which was absolutely fantastic and I forgot to take pictures because we were having so much messy fun!

The bonus for me (and where the title comes from) is that, once whatever we’ve made is cooking and hands/faces/utensils/surfaces are clean again, we have a bit of kitchen dancing. Who needs discos – which they probably wouldn’t enjoy anyway, with their dark, unfamiliar surroundings and the prospect of strangers getting too close – when we have our kitchen dance time?

And I get to hear a bit of music too. The (ahem) benefit of having taken no pictures today is that we’ll have to do it all again next week!

T was happy too, he’s headed off to a friendly football match with Hubbie, it takes a lot to get him away from the house and garden if it’s not football-related, but he’s gone off very happily.

I’ve reintroduced Wobbles Wednesday as a Wellbeing linky, details here if anyone would like to join in.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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