Highs and Lows – Sun 24th Aug 2014

By | August 24, 2014

I can’t quite believe we’re nearly at the end of the school holidays, a week and a half to go.

I look at T and D, T with his determination and his school bag already packed and D with her constant (yes, constant) singing of something that goes like “wahey, a-hey-o, wum-ber-rah” (and repeat) and hope they’ve been having a good time.

Sure, we haven’t done the popular theme park visits and trips to heavily populated destinations, D’s anxieties over strangers and the fact that public transport to and from would be awful have played a part. That and the fact it costs so much too.

But they’ve had fun, playing “Boo” and hide and seek when we are out, trying to find the biggest, yummy looking blackberries for cooking with and eating.

T and D have managed to “play” Minecraft together, side-by-side, helping each other in whatever Creative or Survival world they’ve made. I guess it’s because they have the opportunity to help each other but there is also the option to come out if one should choose to.

There have been frustrating moments too; sometimes they are both so engrossed that a call can have to be repeated six or so times and an explanation of why this is frustrating is met with such a reaction from D that you’d think she’d done someone terrible, T reacts with a silent anger, not comprehending at all.

Let’s not mention the squabbling, usually over the tiniest of things. It can flare up instantly and doesn’t go just as quickly but lingers, long after the original matter has been forgotten.

And then there’s been today. A bit of a stereo-typical one with Hubbie watching football matches in abundance and me, apron on, baking. It’s very difficult to get T to try new things but he ate some home-made carrot cake today – a result!

On the whole, it’s been a good one, I just hope the next 9 days go a bit slower please!


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