Decisions – Sat 9th Aug 2014

By | August 9, 2014

The school holidays seem to be racing by, too fast for me. I’m glad that we have the uniform, stationery and kit sorted out for T and his new school, it will save any last minute panic.

It doesn’t seem possible that, in less than a month, T will start his secondary school life. Six years or so of leaving before 8am to get that school bus, it’s going to mean changes for all of us in our routine, but obviously especially for T.

Whilst there’s me thinking about his first day and wondering how he’ll feel when he steps off that bus for the first time, how easy it will be to navigate about the school (it’s clearly signposted) and how much lunch he’ll eat (always a good indicator of how comfortable he feels), T seems more focussed on what he’ll be learning. In particular the options process.

I doubt options and how you choose them have changed much since I was at school, then it was a meeting with a careers advisor who asked what you wanted to do when you left school, advised on the qualifications needed and then it’s a chat to decide which subjects to take to exam level. My views weren’t taken into account during this process, I was made to take subjects I didn’t enjoy and had no bearing on what I wanted to do when I left school, this is one of the reasons why we want T and D to grow up in an open environment, somewhere where they feel able to ask us questions and also (hopefully) listen to our experiences.

It’s the options aspect that T has been extremely interested in this week, he’s had quite a few chats separately with both Hubbie and I about what he wants to do and which subjects he’d need to study to achieve those. It’s almost as it he just can’t wait to get down to it. Which is T, of course, when he decides on something, it’s full-on for him.

Which is great, that he’s forward-thinking but let’s just get through the next few weeks and this transition period first (and get tie tying mastered, something being practised but causing frustrations at the moment!).


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